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Young adult consumer with her white cane.

"The loss of one’s sight should not mean the loss of one’s vision." 
Author Unknown

Vision Forward Association believes in the potential of each individual to live an independent, productive life.  Our programs and services reflect this belief and lead people towards their highest level of self sufficiency.

We offer support, education and training, and a full spectrum of programs and services uniquely designed to build confidence and independence for people of all ages living with vision loss.

Partnering with families, we offer Help for Children and Help for Youth though programming that provides education and therapy services to children with vision impairments so they may reach their fullest potential.

For people seeking skills as they enter college, join the workforce, or looking to maintain full independence, Vision Forward offers Help for Adults designed to meet each individual’s needs.  Changing vision does not have to mean a diminished quality of life.

Macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic Retinopathy are a few common causes of age related vision loss.  If you or a family member need help adjusting to living with changing vision, reading the newspaper, signing checks or finding the right magnifier, we have Help for Older Adults.

For more information on any of our Programs & Services, please contact Jacci Borchardt, Program Director, at 414-615-0121.

Help for Children

Help for Youth

Help for Adults

Help for Older Adults